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About Us

Cook is a boutique compliance management & consulting firm that believes in doing more than just checking the right boxes. With special emphasis on education & planning, Cook helps contractors get ahead of their competition by making sure their crews are work-ready even before the next MSA is signed.

Based in North Dakota's Williston Basin, Cook provides compliance administration & consulting services to contractors all across the U.S., focusing particularly on the Bakken, Permian, and Marcellus regions.


So why choose Cook?

01. We get it: compliance sucks.

When you started your company, you weren't daydreaming about OSHA, ISN, PEC, or any of the crazy paperwork you're now getting hit with. You just want to keep your head down & do your job well—we understand that reality & are not going to sugarcoat it.

02. We actually respond when you call.

Crazy, right? ;-) It shouldn't be too much to ask, but lack of responsiveness is the number one reason contractors say goodbye to their compliance managers. When you have a question about something, big or small, we'll always answer.

03. We educate & equip. 

It's about more than checking the right boxes & signing the right documents. The most important thing to us is that you have the tools you need to keep your team safe & compliant. That means helping you learn the "why" of compliance, not just the what.

04. We think long-term.

Which operators do you want to be working for in the next year? Are you going to wait until the last second to get your compliance in order? How about…no. Since we're familiar with what each operator is asking of their contractors, we're well-equipped to help you plan ahead. 

05. We tailor our style to yours.

Hate being bothered by emails? Or do you love being kept in the loop about every little detail of what's going on in your company? Either way, we've got you. We'll tailor our style to yours so that you know we genuinely care. 

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