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For contractors & operators in oil & gas, construction, & transportation. Cook Compliance Solutions currently serves clientele all across the U.S., with special focus on the Bakken, Permian, & Marcellus regions.

Help with ISN, PEC, & more

We'll manage the day-to-day of your ISN/PEC accounts so you don't have to worry about the emails or calls.

Safety manuals that don't suck

We'll make you custom written programs that are so readable you might actually decide to read them. Our books are carefully designed not only to pass muster with ISN/PEC but also outline safety standards in plain English. 

Top-to-bottom administrative overhaul

Compliance is a tangled web that touches on many aspects of your business, including HR, employee onboarding, & recordkeeping. We're the only compliance company willing to "go there," fully overhauling your company's administrative systems to set you up for long-term success. We'd love to meet with your team to design customized, affordable tech solutions that can eliminate redundant paperwork & reduce human error. 

Long-term compliance planning

Which operators are you hoping to work for in the next year? What about the next 5? Because of all the variation in operator requirements, everyone's "choose your own adventure" is different in compliance land.

We've got an index of every operator in the play, so we know what's coming. We'll walk you through the maze & help you make decisions accordingly about software, training, occupational health partners, drug testing consortiums, safety manuals, & more. 

Safety data sheets

Making an SDS binder has been on your to-do list for long enough. With us, meeting this aspect of OSHA's HazCom standard becomes as easy as snapping a few pictures of your chemical cabinets.

Subcontractor vetting

Show your clients you mean business: Let us take a close look into the safety history & culture of every sub you want to hire. Our vetting process is about more than just historical incident rates and EMRs—we use personal, candid interviews to get at the "soft data" of compliance as well. 

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